• Healthcare organizations are always under pressure to maintain their critical data such as electronic prescriptions, storing large amounts of medical records. If in case the databases and patient data gets lost or corrupted, it would cripple your service; therefore you need an experienced backup provider who provides solid HIPPA compliant cloud services for backing up EHRs along with enterprise-level support when needed so we can help bring back any corrupted information quickly without much hassle on behalf our clients' needs!

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  • Alto india's Magnetic track light system is one of the present day traits in flexible track lights applications. These have a magnetic track direct wherein the lighting may be handily joined or separated from the track channel. This framework has several connections and they are able to likewise be absolutely hidden withinside the bogus roof, therefore they provide a very elegant tumbled to the insides. Profile Light| Magnetic track lighting| Magnetic track light india

  • ENERTIA collaborates closely with specifiers, architects, designers, engineers & property owners on building fine projects in India and abroad. We keep clients informed of the latest lighting trends, innovative products & solutions, sustainable energy efficient initiatives and new lighting concepts & technologies.

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